Weekend Fun!

10/01/2012 20:43

Last Thursday I had a good time going to Papa Dave's to eat fish that I caught with dad and grandpa. Saturday I went to a church trap shoot and I shot my 20 gauge youth shotgun. I also played two-hand touch football. After the game I was feeling shaky so I checked my BS and it was low so I had to drink some soda!

It was my first time shooting with that gun. I really liked it. It was sort of like a 12 gauge. It was fun spending time with my cousins.

When I got home I called mom because she was gone at a conference. I talked to her and told her about the shoot. Sunday when she came home I gave her a big hug after I got done fishing!

Friday I worked on Papa Roger's yard. I dug out a drain and put rocks at the bottom so the water would go down the drain faster. I cleaned off the drive-way too. It was fun working.

It was a busy weekend and I had lots of fun! This week I have to go to swim but I do not like it because it takes up some of my working, hunting and fishing time. Mom says that it is good for me to swim every week and she is right because she always right (okay, mommy wrote this)!