Date: 09/27/2012 | By: Shawn and Melissa Willis

Hey Seth! This is such a neat thing to do. You're going to encourage so many others who also have diabetes! We're proud of you! You've gone through a whole lot and you haven't complained about any of it! We sure miss you and your smile!


Date: 09/27/2012 | By: Isabelle

Seth-the whole family is SOO proud of you for being so strong though all of this! Remember if you ever need anything I am here for you :) love you Seth !!!!

Good job!

Date: 09/27/2012 | By: Amy J

Way to go Seth. I look foward to reading your posts. I have had diabetes for 37 years, since I was 2. I can't remember not having it. You can do anything you set your mind to.


Date: 09/27/2012 | By: Rhonda Hancock

Great job on your blog Seth, I look forward to reading more from you. I can't wait to see all the great things God brings your way!


Date: 09/27/2012 | By: ~~Rhonda Coulter

Seth, I am excited that you are beginning a blog and I look forward to following what you have to say about diabetes and your every day life. You are an amazing young man and I know God will continue to work in your life. Thanks for your willingness to share with us! ~~Rhonda


Date: 09/27/2012 | By: Mary Cavalier

Hi Seth - Glad you are doing this. It is great to see your positive attitude. My nephew was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes when he was in kindergarten. Yesterday was his 35th birthday and today is his 5th wedding anniversary. He has two beautiful daughters. He works on the railroad and loves it. I will have to tell him about your website.

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